EZ Smartphone Features


Updated: 11 Mar 2018

Getting a Smartphone With These Features Cures Us Of Smartphone Impotence

  1. TWO year Warranty.
  2. Long Service life: old EZ Smartphones can be repaired for at least FOUR years.
  3. Dual SIM: So you can uncouple your phone supplier from your data supplier. Also useful when travelling.
  4. Dual MicroSD Card Slots: For inexpensive memory expansion and backup.
  5. Unlocked, so you are not locked into the Dirty Tricks of any one Carrier.
  6. User Replaceable Batteries.
  7. No Bloatware: There are no SPY or Other Apps loaded on an EZ Smartphone without your knowledge. You are in complete control of what is loaded.
  8. Checkout Sliding Menus
  9. No Programmer Psychosis: Programmers have created Psychotic Mind Maps (Menu Cluster Mazes) that you have to learn by heart! EZ Smartphone also has MenuIndex, so you can avoid having to learn Psychotic Mind Maps.
  10. MenuIndex: Commands are based on the 4,300 year old dictionary concept – not the Psychotic Mindmap Menu Command Cluster technology created 40 years ago by a bunch of college dropouts. Commands are Indexed Alphabetically.
  11. Limitations: How much time have you wasted hunting for a command that does not exist? ALL Commands are listed in MenuIndex. Commands that are not supported, are listed as a Limitation. You can search the Limitations List before purchasing Hardware, or trying out Apps, to help you decide if they are appropriate for your needs. Limitations saves Users much Time, Money, and Frustration!
  12. Device Index: Device Settings are grouped as normal, and they are also Indexed Alphabetically, to save you time hunting for Settings buried by Programmers in an obscure Psychotic Mind Map Setting Cluster.
  13. App Index: In addition to their Icons, Apps can be found in an Alphabetic listing. You can rename the Apps, so they will be listed in alphabetical groups of your choosing, and for your efficient finding of the Apps you use most.
  14. User Choice of Android Version: Does a later version of the OS cripple your Smartphone? You can rollback to any earlier version of Android.
  15. User choice of OS functionality: Do you want to Transform Your Old Phone into a custom phone with a functionality that would be
    of value to someone else. E.g. a Simple Child Phone which can only dial 4 people, with a picture for each of the dialled numbers? Ideal for giving to a child, or an elderly person, to enhance their security.
  16. Standardised Hardware and OS means more frequent, and more stable. updates as well as backward compatibility for version rollback.
  17. Standalone Usage: When used as a standalone computer all Virus, Malware, Bloatware and Spyware risks are eliminated. E.g. a dedicated MP3 Music Player, a Camcorder, a Sound Recorder, or a GPS Satnav system.
  18. No Bricking Malware Bug. Computers cannot be Bricked, so why should a Smartphone be? Smartphone Manufacturers MALICIOUSLY and VICIOUSLY, INFECT their Smartphones with the Bricking Malware Bug to Terrorise and Intimidate their customers with “Voiding the Warranty” and Bricking Threats. The EZ Smartphone does not have the Bricking Malware Bug.
  19. Unbrickable: Because the EZ Smartphone™ loads ALL Firmware/OS files from the external SD Card, it is unbrickable, as any “bad” files can be easily overwritten on any PC with the correct, “good” files prior to the next boot.
  20. One Click Rooting / Jailbreaking. Rooting / Jailbreaking is a risky operation, normally only performed by Geeks. It can Brick an ordinary Smartphone. However, the EZ Smartphone is immune from the Bricking risk, so it can be safely Rooted. You need to Root your phone in order to customize it. Whist Rooting invalidates the warranty, it can be useful if you want to repurpose your EZ Smartphone, perhaps when it is no longer under warranty.
  21. Easy Backup: Just copy 3 Folders, System, Apps, and Data.

What If Your EZ Smartphone Develops a Hardware Problem?

It sometimes happens that an EZ Smartphone develops a fault.

You run the Hardware Test Tool to identify the fault.

If a hardware fault is detected, your EZ Smartphone is prepared for shipment to the Service Center:

  1. All your data is automatically backed up;
  2. Your data is securely deleted;
  3. A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is generated;
  4. An address label is also generated. It has the address of the Service Center for your area, your return address, the RMA, and the Fault Code;
  5. The RMA and the Fault Code are also encoded in a barcode on the label, to facilitate a speedy repair.

When you receive the unit back after repair, you rerun the Hardware Test Tool to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

You can then restore your data from the backup.