Smartphone Dirty Tricks

Updated: 27 Feb 2018

Prevent Smartphone Impotence By Avoiding These Dirty Tricks

With Smartphones – we think we are buying a house – but we will never have the keys to our house!

The OS Supplier (Apple IOS or Google Android), the Manufacturer, and the Carrier form a Triad in Complicity and Duplicity.

Complicity: association or participation in or as if in a wrongful act
Duplicity: the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action
Merriam Webster Dictionary (since 1828).

The Triad have split the keys to the Smartphone they sell you amongst themselves. We discover that they have all the keys when we are ensnared in their web of Complicity and Duplicity!

Dirty Tricks by Apple

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  3. 5 Dirty Tricks Apple Uses To Get You To Buy A New iPhone
  4. Does Apple Ruin Your iphone On Purpose?
  5. Apple’s Dirty Tricks – Did Apple Make The iPhone 4S Obsolete With IOS Upgrade
  6. Non reversible IOS upgrade cripples Apple 4S.
  7. Thin = Expensive + Fragile

Dirty Tricks by Google

  1. Spy Apps are bundled with your phone. Google has been attacked by competitors in an EU complaint for using its free Android mobile phone software as a ‘Trojan horse’ to install its own apps.
  2. Google has repeatedly promised to get hardware makers to update Android in a reasonable amount of time after a new version is released.

Dirty Tricks by Manufacturers

Apple is both a Manufacturer, and the IOS supplier, so see above for Apple Dirty Tricks as a Manufacturer.

  1. Bloatware: Manufacturers pre-install apps that you cannot remove. Do you have apps that pop up Ads, or which constantly ask to be updated and cannot be uninstalled?
  2. You Cannot Roll Back to a previous OS Version: Does a later version of the OS cripple your Smartphone?
  3. No User choice of OS functionality: The functionality is so narrow that any change in your needs is likely to push you into buying a new phone.
  4. No possibility of you repurposing your phone: Do you want to Transform Your Old Phone into a custom phone with a functionality that would be of value to someone else. E.g. a Dedicated MP3 Music Player? Or a Simple Child Phone which can only dial 4 numbers, with a picture for each of the dialled numbers? Ideal for giving to a child, or an elderly person, to enhance their security.
  5. Rooting / Jailbreaking Prevention: The Manufactures goal is to make it as difficult as possible to customize or repurpose their Smartphone, and as easy as possible to Brick the phone if the OS is modified. See the item above.
  6. Bricking / Jailbreaking Malware Bug: Computers cannot be Bricked (rendered inoperable and useless). Smartphone Manufacturers MALICIOUSLY and VICIOUSLY, INFECT their Smartphones with the Bricking / Jailbreaking Malware Bug to Terrorise and Intimidate their customers with “Voiding the Warranty” Threats. Both Microsoft and Google have fallen foul of the Bricking / Jailbreaking Malware Bug that THEY DELIBERATELY INFECT their Smartphones with. The Customer pays the price to the Triad (Google or Apple, Manufacturer and Carrier) so they can each get their share of the ransom extorted from users forced to purchase a new phone! See the 2 previous items.
  7. Unethical, and Vicious “Planned Obsolescence” cycles which costs us so much money, and creates so much pollution in our society. See next item.
  8. Vicious, Unjustified, and Non Negotiable “End of life” Policies: Manufacturers claim that their devices have reached the end of their life and refuse to repair or service them. See item above.
  9. Proprietary Chargers and Connectors: The mobile experience of slim, compact, Smartphones is degraded for everyone by forcing us to lug around proprietary Mains and Car chargers and adapters (Apple). It creates an estimated, unnecessary, 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste every year in just the EU.

Dirty Tricks by Carriers

  1. Bloatware: Different carriers cripple the same phone in different ways with pre-installed apps that you cannot remove. Do you have apps that pop up Ads, or which constantly ask to be updated and cannot be uninstalled?
  2. Carriers don’t really want to upgrade a years-old Android Smartphone and have it feel like new. So you might never get any upgrades for your Android Smartphone. But Apple controls iPhone updates, which are rolled out to all iPhones at the same time.

If any of the information published here is inaccurate please contact me so it can be corrected immediately .