Accidental Hijackers

Accidental Hijack?

Or did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates mastermind the Greatest Hijack of All Time?

We are all victims of the Hijack. Those over 50 are also witnesses.

The Hijack took place at the end of the last millennium.

An Important Role of a Personal Computer is to Empower the Literacy of the Person

Personal Computers that Infect the World with Computer Illiteracy are a Blight on Mankind

We Need to Curb the Breed, Greed, and Creed of Programmers

Our critical faculties, based on a healthy intellect, have been overwhelmed by the malignant cancer of Psychotic Mind Maps.

This website gives us an opportunity to repair the damage done to Literacy by the Hijack.

Impotence Health Warning!

To avoid Impotence, please read this article in its entirety, or skip to “Curing Impotence By Undoing The Hijack”

How We Were All Hijacked

Was it by Malice or Stupidity?

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don’t rule out malice. – Heinlein’s Razor.

A Historical Perspective Of Our Hijacking

  1. 4,300 years ago the Dictionary was invented.
  2. 1750 – 1850 Samuel Johnson, Noah Webster, Peter Roget and others, turned the Dictionary into a robust, mature technology. The development of the Dictionary was recently perfected by Google’s “Did you mean: …”, and that wonderful co-creation, Wikipedia.
  3. 1980s College dropouts Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others, created Psychotic Mind Maps (Menu Cluster Mazes) and deployed them to hijack the world.
  4. 1990s onwards, every literate person in the world was made (computer) illiterate and had to be retrained.
  5. Now: Humans Are Trained To Run Menu Cluster Mazes in EXACTLY the same way as Mice Are Trained To Run Mazes in a Laboratory.
  6. Now: the Fastest Human Psychotic Mind Map Maze Runners are given the biggest rewards, being designated “Computer Experts”. They MORPHED INTO the mouse they held in their hand.

A Tale of Two Cultures – American Dropouts and British Graduates

  • 1983 – American Reed College dropout, Steve Jobs, launches Macintosh with Psychotic Mind Maps.
  • 1984 – British graduate, Nathan, working at CERN, launches Nathan Menu Master a Universal Interface. He visits Apple and Microsoft to demo Hardware and Software for Simple, Universal, Intuitive, User Interface, especially adapted for pocket devices.
  • 1985 – American Harvard dropout Bill Gates, launches Windows with Psychotic Mind Maps.
  • 1989 – British graduate, Tim Berners-Lee, working at CERN, invents the World Wide Web.
  • 2017 – Nathan invents the EZ Smartphone, adding 3 virtual screens (Past, Present, and Future), thus effectively QUADRUPLING the Smartphone screen area.

1990s – Conditions Were Ripe In America For The Hijack

Greed – Arrogance – Ignorance – Lust For Corporate Power

Was it lack of a proper education? Ignorance? Arrogance? The shallow depth of American Culture where the Rich are treated as Gods? Or the “Get Rich Quick” drivers of American Society, that resulted in Jobs and Gates ignoring 4,300 years of History, and Literacy Progress, that had resulted in an amazingly high level of universal education in the world?

A society where their financial success transmuted them from being mere Demo-gods into ompnipotent Demi-gods.

Before Jobs and Gates, there were no Computer Illiterates.

Now billions have, and will, suffer socially and financially from Computer Illiteracy. That suffering is a part of the legacy of Jobs and Gates.

1990s – A story with one beginning, and two endings

This story is set in the 90s. Imagine you are in your 30s, well educated, confident, and have started a promising career.

You have never seen a computer, but have heard that the power of Personal Computers would give us Heaven.

A friend has a computer. You are curious, You visit your friend to see the computer. It is turned on. There is something interesting on the screen. Your friend has a printer.

Take 1 – Was Your First Exposure to The MAC and Windows So Traumatic That You Have Forgotten It?

You ask if you can get a printout of what you see on the screen.

Your friend puts a computer mouse in your hand and teaches you how to run through menus arranged in mazes, just like they teach mice in the laboratory to run mazes.

In order to Print, you have to explore the dead ends in the Psychotic Mind Maps (Menu Cluster Mazes) you see on the screen.

If you fail you will be mouse trapped forever.

In the future you are going to be frequently mouse trapped, until bodily functions such as eating, drinking, or eliminating become so pressing that they cannot be ignored.

Sometimes, the command word you seek does not even exist in the software you are using, in which case, that word, will haunt your sleeping, as well as your waking hours.

You get frantic, and are totally exhausted, from trying to explore the Menu Cluster Mazes. The clustering logic is so whacky and incomprehensible, that only deep psychoanalysis of the Hijack Perpetrators could possibly reveal the arbitrary, random Command Cluster associations that existed in their minds.  More by luck than intelligence, you stumble across the Print command, buried in the File Cluster Maze.

Finally, you can print the document and get out of the room. Vowing never to return.

Before you entered the room you were self confident. You saw yourself as an educated person, with a good command of the English language. You could even win a few arguments with your wife, even though her language skills were vastly superior.

In one traumatic moment you have been stripped of your literacy, your self confidence, your language skills, and the financial rewards of your career. In a single instant, you are transformed into being illiterate, lacking in self confidence, and worthless to the next generation of the society you grew up in.

You need to be retrained to run Psychotic Mind Map Mazes faster than other job seekers.

With your help, this version of reality can be erased for future generations. See “Curing Impotence By Undoing The Hijack” below.

Take 2 – Now Is The Time to Say “Stop the Manipulation!”

You ask if you can get a printout of what you see on the screen. Your friend says, sure, you can even print it yourself.

He points to a key on the keyboard labelled “MenuIndex” and tells you to press it. And alphabetic list of commands appear on the screen. Without even being told, you use the down arrow key to  scroll down to “Print”. He tells you to press “Enter” and lo and behold, the printer prints the document.

You are so excited by what you have done. You have learnt to press MenuIndex, Up and Down to scroll, and to press Enter. He now teaches you a shortcut to reduce the amount of scrolling: Type the letter P, and the list jumps to the commands beginning with the letter P. WOW – Easy Peasy!

These steps were so easy, simple, and intuitive, to follow that you would never forget them for the rest of your life.

You went from being literate to becoming computer literate in less than one minute.

Empowered by your “Computer Literacy”, you went on to use these simple steps on all computers, and all software, and even on smartphones, when they were invented much later.

With your help, this fantasy can be turned into reality for future generations. See “Curing Impotence By Undoing The Hijack” below.

Irrefutable Proof That Your Mind Has Been Hijacked

NO computer company has ever, or will ever, produce ANY internal documentation organised in the Psychotic Mind Maps that they force onto computer users.

ALL Computer Documentation, for use by programmers is indexed ALPHABETICALLY.

Computer Companies force US to use Psychotic Mind Maps (Menu Cluster Mazes) that they are totally unable to force on their OWN EMPLOYEES!

It is difficult to get someone to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

A Simple Thought Experiment

Imagine you are helping a friend, over the phone, to use his computer. Your friend is stuck, looking for the right command amongst all the Psychotic Mind Maps of the Drop Down Menus. You are not at your computer, so it is difficult for you to help him, because you have to first imagine the Psychotic Mind Maps before you can help him navigate through them.

It ends up being very frustrating for both of you.

You know about computers, and you want to help your friend, but the Hijacking of Your Mind has made you as helpless as he is.

Now imagine a situation where he has MenuIndex available.

Perhaps the command he is searching for will be so intuitive, obvious, and easily found in the MenuIndex list, that he won’t even need to call for your help!!!

Examples Of Mind Hijacking


The “Print” command is hidden in the “File” Cluster of the Psychotic Mind Map Maze.

Windows / Start / Shutdown

Windows / Start / Shutdown is another example of Psychotic Minds at work. We can command EVERY non computer apparatus in our lives, from electric lights, to heating, to kettles, to cars, with a single command Switch OFF. Using MenuIndex we would switch off a computer with the command Switch OFF. The Psychotic Mind Map Maze word sequence Windows / Start / Shutdown would not exist, and would never have to be either invented or learnt.

The Hijacking in Psychotic Mind Map Images

My term Psychotic Mind Map is based on the following edited definition found in

Psychotic disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perceptions. People with psychoses lose touch with reality.

Clearly, creators of Psychotic Mind Maps had lost touch with the 4,300 year old reality of the rest of the educated world.

In the 1980s nobody knew that Menu Clusters would grow out of control into a global epidemic of Cancer Clusters.

Cancer: Something evil or malignant that spreads destructively. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (since 1828)

1984 Apple Mac 1.1 – For the Apple Desktop there were 5 Menu Cluster Mazes along the top of the screen to first explore, and then learn by heart.

Mac 1.1

1985 Windows 1.01 – For the Write Program, there were 6 Menu Cluster Mazes along the top of the screen to first explore, and then learn by heart.

2003 Apple Mac 10.3 showing Cancer Clusters. Bigger Screens = More Cancers.

2007 Windows Vista A classic Psychotic Mind Map Cluster taking up the left of the screen.

Recent Windows 10. Users can make do-it-yourself Mind Maps.

Note that, in a shift towards the MenuIndex Paradigm, the Programs are listed Alphabetically on the left. The deployment of MenuIndex in EZ Smartphones will push future macOS and Windows versions towards incorporating MenuIndex for Commands, as well as for Programs.

Further Evidence Of Programmer Ignorance And Arrogance

How much time have you wasted searching for commands or features that simply do not exist in the software that you are using?

MenuIndex incorporates Limitations, which lists all commands and features not available in the software.

Just reflect on how much of your valuable Time, Money, and Frustration you would have saved if you could have explored the Limitations BEFORE purchasing software?

Voting Power vs Power to Co-Create

You are presented with a list of Smartphone candidates, each one with an attractive list of features. You vote by deciding which model you will have – and you pay the price. Your vote is only valid if your needs do not evolve, and you are not forced by planned obsolescence to vote – and buy again.

The EZ Smartphone adapts to your evolving needs, and is free of planned obsolescence.

Q: Why Do We Have Smartphone Impotence?

A: Because We Don’t Have What We Really Want

When we have the power to co-create what we want, meekly accepting what we are offered, is an abdication of our power.

We want:

  1. We want a simple to use Smartphone;
  2. Without Dirty Tricks;
  3. We do not want anything so “Fashionable” that it is either outdated before we own it, or obsolete within a year;
  4. It must have a small pollution footprint – not an obscene one;
  5. The cost must be well within our budget;
  6. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) should also be low;
  7. It should be unlocked to reduce the TCO;
  8. It has a user replaceable battery;
  9. It has Dual SIM, so we are not stuck with one supplier;
  10. It has Dual MicroSD Card slots, for Backup and inexpensive memory expansion.

Instead, we walk around with a Quadruple Smartphone Timebomb ticking in our Pocket or Handbag.

The Quadruple Smartphone Timebomb

  1. Only ONE YEAR warranty for a $900 iPhone;
  2. Batteries that die and are not user replaceable;
  3. Not Enough Memory to run latest Apps;
  4. Performance crippled by OS updates which we cannot Undo.

EZ Smartphone Defuses The Smartphone Timebombs

All four Smartphone timebomb effects are mitigated:

  1. Minimum TWO YEAR warranty;
  2. User replaceable batteries;
  3. MicroSD card slots;
  4. The OS can be rolled back to any previous version.

Executive Summary

1) MenuIndex Paradigm

When new words need to be added to a Dictionary:


2) Psychotic Mind Map Paradigm

When new commands need to be added to a Psychotic Mind Map:

PROGRAMMERS decide in which Command Cluster Maze to put them in and EVERYBODY has to start EXPLORING THE MAZES.

3) The Result Of Being Such Well Trained Mice

The best trained mice are highly resistant to the simplicity of MenuIndex. They would lose their status as “Computer Experts”.

They are impervious to the costs imposed on current, and future generations, of forcing them to follow in their painful footsteps.

4) The Lost Opportunity of the 1980s

If we had listened to the wisdom and insight of people that balanced Culture with Technology, who tempered Progress with History, then MenuIndex would have saved us a lot of wasted time and suffering that was caused by us being forced to learn Psychotic Mind Maps.

Curing Impotence By Undoing The Hijack

Once we recognise the pain caused by the hijacking, we can heal it by using our intellect to be creative.

I Create – You Create – They Create – We All Co-Create Together – They Produce

Can I trust you to co-create the EZ Smartphone with me?

How We Can Undo The Hijacking In 2018

List of Smartphone Dirty Tricks to avoid – otherwise we will remain impotent.
List of EZ Smartphone Features. Please checkout Sliding Menus.

MenuIndex is an integral part of the EZ Smartphone User Experience.

When EZ Smartphones are in production, users exposed to the power, the elegance, and the intuitive simplicity of MenuIndex will demand that MenuIndex is incorporated in Desktop Systems like macOS and Windows.

We can get EZ Smarphones into production without investing a single cent by publicising this page so it goes viral.

Then, many Chinese Smartphone Clone Manufacturers will be eager to co-create the EZ Smartphone for us.

Emailing, or distributing printed copies, of Your EZ Smartphone 10% Discount Voucher to Mobile Phone Shops and online sales outlets will also help EZ Smartphone go viral.

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