UI Branding for Android

For Clone Manufacturers That Think Big

China is going to transform the mobile industry landscape. That much is certain. Apple and Google and its most favored Android OEMs are living on borrowed time. More…

Beyond Apple and Google

The EZ Smartphone UI offers Smartphone Clone Manufacturers an Original, Branded, UI, that is both easier to use than Apple, and protects them from being sued by Apple for UI Patent Infringement.

Manufacturers producing Android Clones, can get a jump ahead of their competition, as well as the Big Players, Apple and Google, by adopting the EZ Smartphone Brand User Interface.

Early adopters of the EZ Smartphone UI and Branding will:

  • Be Market Leaders in the “Smartphones are too complicated” market;
  • Increase their product portfolio;
  • Tap into more International and Vertical markets.
  • Shorten their Product Development Cycle.
  • Provide Users with a Value Added upgrade path.

Being a late “Me Too” adopter will rob you of the Market Leader opportunity, and much of the market.

See the EZ Smartphone Design Spec. (pdf)