Smartphones without Dirty Tricks


Users want an easy to use Smartphone without Hassle and Dirty Tricks.

See the 1 page EZ Smartphone User Manual and 10% Discount Voucher. (pdf)

EZ Smartphone User Interface Features

  1. Easier To Use – by adding 3 virtual screens, the effective screen size is Quadrupled.
  2. Colour Coded Sliding Menus: organised into the Past, the Present, and the Future.
  3. MenuIndex: – based on the 4,300 year old dictionary concept – not the psychotic mindmap Dropdown Menu command cluster technology created 40 years ago by a bunch of college dropouts.
  4. Unbrickable: Computers are not brickable, so why should a Smartphone be?
  5. One Click Unlock: A locked EZ Smartphone can be unlocked with one click when the warranty expires.
  6. No “Out of Memory” Timebomb.
  7. Breakout of the unethical, and vicious “Planned Obsolescence” cycle which costs so much, and which creates so much pollution.